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Do more with your pc

  • Become an expert - enormous range of PC tools in your reach
  • Easy to use - no need for prior knowledge
  • Simple - one click interface

Understanding Your Needs

Simply click on the docks button and Mizo will offer you the most relevant tools for your needs.

What's New

Video Tour

Click on the video to get a short demonstration of Mizo in action.


Simply state what you want to be done in your every day language. You Name it!

Safe To Use

  • Low usage of system resources
  • Virus free
  • Spyware free
  • Keeping your personal information safe

Language Support

Mizo supports English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, and Hebrew.

Operating System Support

The Mizo wizard supports Win8, Win7, Vista and XP.

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Always Available

Using a unique innovative approach, you can activate Mizo from any computer without installing it. All you need is an internet connection.

This feature is currently available only in Internet Explorer. Please open our web site in Internet Explorer in order to launch Mizo in web version.

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